You're Still You

You're Still You

You're Still You

So it came to my attention that things have changed after all these years as it should. Except for you. You're still you.

You still stand by your mistakes. You still believe there is truth buried somewhere in your lies.

I should be mad. And I think I somewhat am. But more than that, I pity you. You poor little man. Hiding behind your lies. Hiding behind your pretend heroism. Hiding behind your false altruism.

You were asking how I'm doing. How I've been after you've abandoned me to pursue someone else? Or in your words, to find yourself. To seek wisdom. To figure out what you really want in life.

You really don't have the right to know. You lost that right---nay, you relinquished that right when you decided to leave. When you threw your promises away like nothing. When you gave up on me like nothing.

But to answer your question? I am doing more than okay. I have you to thank. If you didn't do it, if you never cheated, I would have held on. I would have settled with you. I would have been living a mediocre life. I would have dealt with your lies every single fucking day of my life.

Oh, you didn't cheat you say? Let me tell you something about cheating.

Cheating is not just you fucking someone else. Cheating is when you're still with someone but your heart beats for someone else. Cheating is more than just physical. It's your mind thinking about another person, it's your heart desiring them. 

They don't have to like you back. They don't have to give you consent. Heck, you don't need to be photographed holding hands. You don't have to be caught with your tongue inside her mouth.

You think about her, you long for her, you want her more than a friend, that is already cheating, my sweet, "innocent" darling boy. Do you get it now?

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I digress.

So how am I doing? Definitely better off. Better than being with someone who couldn't resist temptation. Better than being with a weakling who couldn't stand the test of time and distance.

But you. God, you're still you.

Still the lying, deceitful, fake frog that you were years ago. My, how you've never changed.

I'm glad you're someone else's problem now. Because're still you. How tragic.


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Dear Player,

Dear Player,

Dear Player,

I know you were just experimenting in your youth. I know you were just curious.
You were just passing the time, playing.

But it was my feelings you played with.
It was my heart you used.
It was my life you experimented on.

How dare you.

You took advantage of my naivety. You used my untainted belief that love exists against me.

How cruel. How heartless. How careless.

How selfish.

I hope someday you find someone better than you in this game.
I hope someday you meet someone who is not as ready as you were with me when you are finally as ready as I was with you.

Then maybe when you lose, you will remember me, your training ground.

Good luck on your next game.

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I Deleted My Files...And You

I Deleted My Files...And You

I Deleted My Files...And You

Dear you,

I cleaned up my files today.

I deleted old docs that I have no use now.  

I deleted previously downloaded music; music that you used to sing to me, and music that my heart used to sing for you. 

I deleted videos with you in it and videos I laboriously created for you.  

I deleted some duplicate photos, and also your photos, photos of you and me, photos that reminded me of us. Or at least how I was when I was with you.

It is still kind of heavy clicking YES when the prompt question appeared; Are you sure you want to delete these photos/videos?  I’m not sure if I wanted to, but I’m sure that I needed to.

When I was done cleaning up the ghosts of the past, I made sure I wouldn’t be tempted to retrieve them. So instead of opening the Recycle Bin to check, I just right clicked it and chose Empty Recycle Bin.

Another prompt question:  Are you sure you want to permanently delete these items? Again, I’m not sure if I wanted to, but I’m sure that I needed to. 

It’s about time.

And who would have thought that cleaning up computer files can bring heaviness in your heart and tears to your eyes?  

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7 Things I Hate About You

7 Things I Hate About You

Dear You,

There are a number of things I hate about you and I have summarized them into 7.  

I don't always hate you, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I miss you so badly but there are days I would wish I'd never met you at all.

These things aren't all hateful and awful, but I think that's what's making me hate you all the more.

That didn't make sense at all, did it?

7 Things I Hate About You

You make me sound like a "trying hard copy cat" making me write a blog with this title. It's not mine. You might get me arrested for this, you know?

I hate it when you try to psychoanalyze me. When you ask me a theoretical question and weigh my answer or present me a situation and assess my comprehension and analysis. I feel like I'm under a case study. But you know what part of this psychoanalysis I hate the most? I love the challenge and I love the way you make me think. It gives my brains the exercise it needs.  

I hate it when you lie to me with a straight face as I know it when people lie, no matter how good they are. Maybe because it takes one to know one? Or maybe I'm just really good. Yeah, I think it's the caffeine in the tea that made me say that.

You never listen to me when I say "no". I know half of the time I say "no" to you half of me wants you not  to listen, but the other half is seriously pissed off.

I hate it that you don't give a damn what people think about you. It makes you 10x cooler than the rest. And 20x dumber. And cuter at the same time. 

I hate your perfume. Now every time I come near someone who's wearing the same perfume, I swear. And I never wanna swear. Like s@#*! I don't.

You made me take ridicules, criticisms and risks I never thought I would take. And then you just let it end. So I hate it that you made me stronger. Because all I ever wanted was to be weak with you.


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Dear God, (A Cry For Healing)

 O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.
---Psalm 30:2

Dear God,

I am really grateful you created me as a unique human being. I feel your support most of the time.

However, there´s a thing I can´t understand, really.

You made me suffer when I was so young and vulnerable. You made my beloved suffer in the most horrible way, and after some time I finally start to live again.

But God, there are some limits to suffering. Let me be happy. 

I hate you because I have eczema all over my hands.

It looks terrible and I can´t wear short sleeves. And I really don´t deserve this.

So please, do something about it. I am fed up already!!!!
Nothing works, but you can make it happen.

I don´t expect you to answer my letter, but please, do something with this issue.

I´m begging you.

And if you won´t, I´ll  be really pissed off.

Your dear daughter

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Guest post from Anonymous


Dear Aihia Kashieka,

Dear Aihia Kashieka,

Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. 
Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing
---August Wilson


Dear Aihia Kashieka,

The last few years of your life was a terrible mess.

Life was devoid of meaning, the incessant whining of liars and gossips filled the cobwebs of your mind. Fear mashed up with loss turned you’re misery into epiphany. And you wrote it all down in a notebook.

A nondescript notebook that weighed more than any piece of jewelry. I wager that you’re sober now, and a little more closed off than usual but you’re not pushing people out again are you? Well if it’s the latter then it takes more than time to heal and reseal old wounds.

Sometimes you have to gash open your heart, so a sludge of tears can pour out into the drain, and cleanse you from the anxieties.

Have you met with change as well? You better learn to listen to her and befriend her for your safety. She does her job very well.

Change doesn’t take well with people who constantly believe they’re different and unique, and also to people who changes their clothes too often. Change comes in, and like a plague destroys everything in its path. Leaving a clean slate for hope to bloom once again.

Life is a constant wheel turning.

You must learn how to be calm in the face of reality. I know you’re doing well adjusting to that phase. I know you’re restless mercurial nature may have done more harm in your youth.

But if you hadn’t listened to your heart and feelings then what would have following an ordered and structured path given you in the end?

Listen carefully dear. You’re you. No matter how old or young, you are you. You’ll still be you in the future and in the past. Never doubt yourself and always learn to breath.

Maybe by next year you’ll finally find the answer to what you’ve been asking for, and the universe is kind enough to be cruel to you, so you can learn to depend on others for once.

It may get to you but you’re mistrustful nature is still there. You haven’t fully grasped how the darkness in your heart can seep out, and crush people with your sword.

Yes, you’ve always been a person who yielded her sword wisely, but you’ve always wanted to throw it down because you’ve yearned to love and be love, right?

Love hasn’t been too kind either. But I am happy to know that you’re finally embracing the darkness, and learning to use that to your advantage.

It’s a safe choice if you want to live and become a free woman. It’s dangerous if you’re not well-versed in the language of man and accepting in the darkness inside your heart.

I feel that you know where you’re going with life though you’re not quite sure where it’s headed.
Hopefully it won’t end easily. Your life and will eventually lead you to the right place in the right time.


With love from the past and beyond,

Aihia Kashieka

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Get to know Aihia more. 
Visit her blog at Fortune Cooky.

Honest liars -- the psychology of self-deception: Cortney Warren at TEDx...


Some people believe their lies to be the truth. Understand what's behind honest liars -- the psychology of self-deception.


You ^_^

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Who's Using Who?

Who's Using Who?

Who's Using Who? 

dear you,

i remember you ranting about this girl once.

you said you hated her--- the way she talks, the way she judges people; a backstabber.

your word to describe her was "user".

you said that so clearly to me "she's a user."

now, i've heard you two are getting along well.

that you might be, wanting to go out with her. or have went out already?

so what's this? the user is now going out with the user?

another one of those times when you eat your own words.

another one of those times when you fall for the one you hate.

another fixation.


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I've Moved On


Dear You,

I've moved on.

From that horrific and dreadful day you left me in the middle of the storm, I've moved on. I've come a long way.  I've never been better.

Moving on from day one wasn't a walk in the park. I crawled. You should have seen me. You would have been proud of what you've done.  

Everyday I would drag myself, I would get up heavily, act as normally as I could, I would plaster a smile on my face, and pretend everything's alright while I was dying inside.
I was bleeding non stop. You cut me deep.

I've picked up the pieces, no thanks to you.

I don't know where I was getting all those superhuman strength that got me to where I am today.  Away from you and your memory, away from your lies and your bullshit.

It's been a long time since I've stopped waiting for an apology, or a proper explanation which I so deserve. I've long stopped hoping for a change. I've long accepted the truth. It wasn't easy. I can't even...

But that's not important anymore. How I got here, how I've moved on, how I got over doesn't matter. One day I just woke up, and the pain didn't bother me anymore. The hurting just stopped. So did my waiting. So did my hoping.

I've moved on. I've reduced you into nothing but a blur. I built a wall between you and my today--- you're not allowed to go past it.  

You can't, in any way, come near my present. Because I've moved on.

So stop asking how I'm doing. You don't deserve to know.

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