Dear God, (A Cry For Healing)

 O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.
---Psalm 30:2

Dear God,

I am really grateful you created me as a unique human being. I feel your support most of the time.

However, there´s a thing I can´t understand, really.

You made me suffer when I was so young and vulnerable. You made my beloved suffer in the most horrible way, and after some time I finally start to live again.

But God, there are some limits to suffering. Let me be happy. 

I hate you because I have eczema all over my hands.

It looks terrible and I can´t wear short sleeves. And I really don´t deserve this.

So please, do something about it. I am fed up already!!!!
Nothing works, but you can make it happen.

I don´t expect you to answer my letter, but please, do something with this issue.

I´m begging you.

And if you won´t, I´ll  be really pissed off.

Your dear daughter

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Guest post from Anonymous


  1. We will never understand why sometimes our prayers are never answered or they were answered not according to what we expected. But I believed God has His reasons and they are always good.

  2. I was in a similar situation last two years, with God's grace I overcame.
    It is well my dear because you shall overcome.

    It's been a while so glad to connect to you again.
    Missed ya!

    Ella's Haven;

  3. Daughter, Your faith has made you well.

    --Luke 8:48