7 Things I Hate About You

7 Things I Hate About You

Dear You,

There are a number of things I hate about you and I have summarized them into 7.  

I don't always hate you, don't get me wrong. Sometimes I miss you so badly but there are days I would wish I'd never met you at all.

These things aren't all hateful and awful, but I think that's what's making me hate you all the more.

That didn't make sense at all, did it?

7 Things I Hate About You

You make me sound like a "trying hard copy cat" making me write a blog with this title. It's not mine. You might get me arrested for this, you know?

I hate it when you try to psychoanalyze me. When you ask me a theoretical question and weigh my answer or present me a situation and assess my comprehension and analysis. I feel like I'm under a case study. But you know what part of this psychoanalysis I hate the most? I love the challenge and I love the way you make me think. It gives my brains the exercise it needs.  

I hate it when you lie to me with a straight face as I know it when people lie, no matter how good they are. Maybe because it takes one to know one? Or maybe I'm just really good. Yeah, I think it's the caffeine in the tea that made me say that.

You never listen to me when I say "no". I know half of the time I say "no" to you half of me wants you not  to listen, but the other half is seriously pissed off.

I hate it that you don't give a damn what people think about you. It makes you 10x cooler than the rest. And 20x dumber. And cuter at the same time. 

I hate your perfume. Now every time I come near someone who's wearing the same perfume, I swear. And I never wanna swear. Like s@#*! I don't.

You made me take ridicules, criticisms and risks I never thought I would take. And then you just let it end. So I hate it that you made me stronger. Because all I ever wanted was to be weak with you.


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  1. Hahahahahaha!!!! So true!!! True true true!!! :-D
    And that perfume thing! Damn! It creates a whole cocktail of arousal, excitement, thrill and anticipation!

  2. I agree with all points, especially with 2nd and 3rd thing! :)) very nicely written!

  3. Oh my... this is true... especially loving him beause it made me stronger when all I wanted was to be weak with him... that made me cry :'(

  4. The perfume part (6) is so true, all it takes is one sniff!

  5. I am checking out this blog Lux.
    How was your weekend?
    Have a blessed week

  6. Hi - You must not have comments up for the other blog - just wanted to say how much I like it. Very thought provoking blog.