empty words

there are times when i'd wake up in the middle of the night and still hear your voice in my head telling me you love me,  promising a lifetime of happiness.  

i don't think about you anymore as much as i can help it.  

but i think the human brain is just amazing.  bizarre.  
no one really has understood or measured its limit yet.
i  haven't understood nor measured the limit of mine.  

i don't know as to how long it will create illusions of you every now and then.

i don't know as to how long it will take for it to erase every memory of you.

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i don't know as to when it will stop replaying your words.  your once so sweet but now so insipid words.  the words that are full of promises but long have i realized to be so empty.  words that you said just because you want to flatter me.  just because you want to hear or get something in return.  not a single one of them meant a thing.

how could you?

for now, i think i'd just have to let your words echo in this quiet breaking dawn.

your empty words whispering empty promises in my empty heart.

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