I Deleted My Files...And You

I Deleted My Files...And You

I Deleted My Files...And You

Dear you,

I cleaned up my files today.

I deleted old docs that I have no use now.  

I deleted previously downloaded music; music that you used to sing to me, and music that my heart used to sing for you. 

I deleted videos with you in it and videos I laboriously created for you.  

I deleted some duplicate photos, and also your photos, photos of you and me, photos that reminded me of us. Or at least how I was when I was with you.

It is still kind of heavy clicking YES when the prompt question appeared; Are you sure you want to delete these photos/videos?  I’m not sure if I wanted to, but I’m sure that I needed to.

When I was done cleaning up the ghosts of the past, I made sure I wouldn’t be tempted to retrieve them. So instead of opening the Recycle Bin to check, I just right clicked it and chose Empty Recycle Bin.

Another prompt question:  Are you sure you want to permanently delete these items? Again, I’m not sure if I wanted to, but I’m sure that I needed to. 

It’s about time.

And who would have thought that cleaning up computer files can bring heaviness in your heart and tears to your eyes?  

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  1. I haven't deleted anything yet and I know I should... I don't read it but the point is that I know I shouldn't keep it... yet I'm not sure I'm strong enough to delete it all yet...

  2. Beautifully written :-)
    Its difficult but definitely worth it! One has to move on one day or the other!!! :-(

  3. its not important to delete things, photographs, letters, numbers as they come back to you every night when u r too tired o thinking o everything else.
    it comes back as hatred, and as love.
    so i let it stay.
    may be time will slowly make it obscure... may be one day it will fade away

  4. Beautifully written. Right from the heart.

  5. Hugs to you. May God comfort you and heal your pain.

    God bless!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  6. Sometimes one must delete the past to open up new opportunities for the future. Well Done dear.

    Kindest & warmest regards,

  7. You are courageous and brave. Me, I have only slowly begun to delete 'memories' of what was and what was not meant to be. Stay strong Lux. You got an amazing spirit - and life has so much good stuff to yet give you.

  8. Deep...somehow i see myself and every person that, at some point loved someone. Nice post, and be sure, you're not alone:)

  9. Deleting and clearing out things from the past is healing. Later. At the moment, it might not feel like it, but it is.

  10. Deleting files related to someone who you loved, who is now - someone you once knew, HELPS! It does help. Atleast it saves you from constant reminders of that person. Slow healer. :)

  11. We all could relate to your situation. Thanks for sharing and letting us be a part of this thought process :-)