Write For Dear You!

Loved someone so deeply and s/he left you heartbroken? No closure?
How many letters have you composed for them and parked in your draft or kept in your journal?


Not caring?

Finding and loving yourself again?

It's a tough ride and the truth're not alone.

Wherever you are in your journey, share it!
Psychology suggests that writing a letter is a healthy way to let out your emotions. You don't have to send it to the person concerned. Just get the feelings out!

Don't bottle it up or you'll explode or implode.

Either way, it's not pretty

Let me help you.

1. Send your anonymous (or not) letter to the blogosphere. Let Dear You be the venue of your unsent mails.


2. Show us your wounds and battle scars and let your mess be your message to those who are going through the same fight. Give us a spirit boost.

Send your Dear You posts to

1. Posts must be 100-500 words only (you can send part 2 of your story if it's longer). Dear You, holds the right to edit your submission if it is too long or for grammar and spelling correction.

2. You may send articles in letter forms
    a. Start with Dear You or Dear (First name of the person or initials)
    b. You may or may not include your name. Let the admin know.

3. You may send photos or memes, videos, or articles related to the journey from loving someone to hating them, to not caring at all and finally finding and loving yourself. You can be anywhere in this journey and your articles or stories are all welcome. No judgment! (Please include source if it's not your own).

4. You may send your story, piece of advice, or realizations too (free form).

5. (Optional) Include a blog title and a short bio with a link to your website or profile if you have any.

I can't wait to hear your story and journey with you.


  1. It is not healthy to bottle up our feeling, lest we explode, hurting others and self.

  2. It 's true, it is important to express ours feelings ... often helps!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  3. As a psychologist I actually have recommended people to write down their feelings after breakups or difficult situations if they have nobody to tell

  4. This is a great idea to express your feelings in some way.

  5. Yes, good idea, excribir helps to reflect and channel situations!

  6. Fantastic idea to work out feelings. Plus it helps when others read it and know they're not alone. :)

  7. i do write letters to myself sometimes, or other people with what i want to tell them sometimes
    nice post

    - Hannah's Heels

  8. This is a cool project. I look forward to seeing what people write. I pretty much have put that stuff into a 90,000 word book (yet to be published), so I won't overwhelm you here with all my "Dear *bleep*" stuff.


  9. I will try to write mine this week and send it in... I wish writing it equated to letting it go completely... that will happen one day right? I am just feeling a little melancholy today... I am sure it will work itself out... it is nice that you offered this..

  10. I hope this could help, Launna. The process really depends on you. Looking forward to read and publish your letter. :)

  11. What an interesting letter, such meaning words and beautifully written.. thanks for sharing :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  12. .
    Gostei muito do seu blog
    por isso vou segui-lo.
    Espero que você também
    siga o meu...



  13. What a great idea! If people can get those thoughts out there, maybe they can seal them up and move past them.

  14. Praise God that He will never leave us nor forsake us, and that He is always there to heal the hurt. God bless,